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The Beacon Interpreter Training is licensed to facilitate The Community Interpreter: The International Edition and is the first of its kind in the world to offer a concrete collection of many lessons learn about how to train community interpreters effectively.
Already taught in other countries, the program is designed for use around the world. Most of the information provided in this training addresses all community interpreters in any country where the profession exists including those who interpret in sign languages.
The contents of this training are based on a critical distillation and selection of principles and standards included in codes of ethics for interpreters around the world. The purpose of this training is to support the education and training of community interpreters by providing structured and detailed guidelines for professional conduct in accordance with principles and values that underlie widely accepted practice in the field.
The concept of Communicative Autonomy is introduced in this training as a fundamental principle.
This training is delivered in five consecutive sessions of eight hours each. At the completion of this training the student will learn:

  1. The introduction to community interpreter
  2. Interpreting protocols and skills
  3. Strategic mediation
  4. Professional identity
  5. The role of the community interpreter
  6. And you can expect practice, practice, practice.

The next Beacon Interpreter Training is going to be held in Cartersville, GA for the first time ever; we highly encourage individuals from the surrounding areas to take advantage of this unique opportunity to become trained and acquire the education needed to increase work volume and to get in the path of certification.

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